Daughters of The King

The Order of the Daughters of The King is an international religious order for Episcopal and Catholic women and girls. Holy Faith Episcopal Church belongs to the Lighthouse Chapter of this organization.

Members undertake a Rule of Life, incorporating the Rule of Prayer, and the Rule of Service.

A Daughter dedicates herself to the spiritual life of her parish, service, and evangelism.

Meetings are held on the fourth Monday of the month, at 4:00 p.m. in Harrison Hall.

These are short business meetings followed by a Bible study.

The Daughters of The King do not do fund-raising activities.

The Daughters of The King do contribute to the three funds of the Order: The Masters Fund, the Endowment Fund, and the Self Denial Fund. These funds are used to spread the work of Christ’s Kingdom.

The Holy Faith Episcopal Chapter of the Daughters of The King participates in Quiet Day, Deanery Meetings, and Retreats.


President: Rhona Malcolm