Important Church Information

Although Holy Faith has become a Mission, we are still required to fulfill our financial obligations with God for the ministries…….. and mission of the Church.

Pledge Cards are in the Narthex, please make sure to pick one up, fill it out and turn it into the office. If you have already filled out a Pledge Card, please receive our gratitude for your commitment to Christ through Holy Faith.

We need you to make a financial commitment to Jesus in order to know how much funds will be available for ministry and mission in 2014.

Offering Envelopes are also available in the Narthex for your convenience.

Remember Folks, being a Mission is only a temporary fix! Our goal is to become a Parish once again in 2015, with God’s help and your support!

To become a Parish once more, we have to generate enough income to pay our bills and salaries without assistance.

Please click here to read the 2013 message on stewardship from our Vicar, Father Orlando Addison, or you may wish to click here to read Father Orlando’s 2013 Stewardship Letter.