Memorial Garden

“Don’t be buried from the church, be buried in the church”, or in our case in Holy Faith’s Memorial Garden. Years ago most churches had church cemeteries, but now that cremation is acceptable we have the Columbarium for the interment of ashes.

Holy Faith’s Memorial Garden and Columbarium was established in 1980 with 128 niches. Each niche will contain your ashes or that of your loved ones. The Columbarium is constructed of concrete similar to that of a vault, and is encased in marble and bronze for complete permanency.

For each niche there is a nameplate on which the Name, Date of Birth, Date of Death, and any symbol can be inscribed.

Visit our Memorial Garden at your convenience and experience its tranquil atmosphere, truly an asset to our church grounds. There are niches available for purchase. A single niche costs $600, and a double costs $1,000. The price includes the container or urn, inscription on the bronze enclosure, interment and perpetual care. There are no additional costs. This facility is available to the community, not just to the members and friends of Holy Faith Episcopal Church.

If you are interested please contact the Church Office at 772-446-9619.

When you are making your will, kindly remember Holy Faith Episcopal Church.