Outreach & Newcomers

Idalia Perales is our Outreach Minister. She is fully bilingual in English and Spanish.

One of the responsibilities of this ministry is to reach people who are not currently members of the congregation. 

This ministry works to identify needs in the community and to educate the parish about those needs, enabling the parish to reach out to those in need.

This Outreach Ministry works to ensure that the parish is able to fulfill its mission.

The purpose of this parish is to be Christ-centered, serving Him through worship, evangelism, and social outreach.

The Outreach Minister will be working closely with Jean Stone, the Newcomers Coordinator.  Jean will be relying on the assistance of members of the congregation to make this ministry a success. 

Newcomers is a vital ministry, it helps the congregation grow in number by ministering to new members in the parish.



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