September 15, 2011



September 15, 2011


PRESIDING: Rev. Bill Smith

Vestry Members Present: Wayne Griffin, Janet Clarke, Olga Chavez, Norman Hudson, Bruce McLeod.

Vestry Members absent: George Cleary, Adolfo Barrios, Leandus Campbell, Miguel Pena.   Treasurer: Clarence Abrahams

Others Present: Aurora Mata, Gertrude McLeod


1. Opening Prayer:  The opening Prayer was said by Fr. Bill at 7:07pm

2. Adoption of the Agenda:  The Agenda was adopted as written (B. McLeod, W. Griffin)

3. Minutes of the Vestry Meeting of August 11, 2011

a. Adoption

The Minutes were adopted as written. (B. McLeod, O. Chavez)

b. Matters arising

The letter to Paul Embry was sent; return receipt, which confirmed that he received it. There has not been a reply from Mr. Embry.

The final papers regarding the hot dog stand were received, and awaiting a signature. W. Griffin will sign or G. Cleary will be asked to sign, after consultation with L. Campbell.

Parts for the sprinkler system need to be purchased.

Voice recorder has not been purchased.

Cheque for Mother Jean was sent.

Unknown if paper work regarding the loan has been sent to the Diocese or to Citibank.

Safe has been elevated. A key and the combination was given to A. Mata, and should be given to designated persons from the eight and ten o’clock Services.

Counters will be reduced to two or three persons, Janet Clarke and Jean Stone and one other person.  (Motion by W. Griffin, 2nd by N. Hudson, all in favour). Monies will be counted on Monday mornings. The counting schedule will be maintained until J. Clarke reports that all is in place and the parties are in agreement.

The book of Motions is in the process of being compiled. ( Motion was made by B. McLeod, 2nd by W. Griffin).

A new flag was donated and is hanging on the flag pole.

Information on the savings card from Albertson’s has yet to be obtained.

A cheque for 10% of plate and pledge income has been sent to the Diocese.

4.   Report of the Priest in Charge – Report previously circulated.

Matters arising:

A donation for $150 was received from CACG.

The 9/11 memorial service went well.

The Junior Warden will be asked to speak with the yard cutting crew about cleaning the lower plates in the Columbarium after the grass has been cut.

The niches need to be checked to make sure that there are no other ashes in the spaces, and names should be placed on the outside to show who is interred in the space. (B. McLeod, O Chavez, All in favour.)

Seven names were received from the Diocese of the candidates for position of  Bishop.

A schedule of fees for use of the church and clergy was introduced.

The fees for the use of the organ should be increased to $200. $100 for the Organist and $100 for the music program. (B. McLeod, J. Clarke, all in favour).

5.   Report of the Parish Officers

a. Senior Warden – No report.

b. Junior Warden – Report circulated. Air conditioner in the office building should be set at 78 degrees.

c. Treasurer – Report circulated.

6.  Matters arising

Shade fabric to be purchased by Sec. Monies to be reimbursed. ( Motion W. Griffin)

7.   Other reports

a. Mission Activities

i. Hispanic Ministry

30 – 40 people attend the Wed. night prayer service. Tutorials continue. Children are being prepared for First Communion.

ii. Search Committee

No report

iii. Vision Committee

No plans for fund raising or other activities.

iv.  Youth and Education

Youth Group meets every other Friday.

v.   Pastoral Care and Outreach

No report

Matters arising


b. Maintenance Activities

i. Grounds and Maintenance

No report

ii. Activities/Men’s Group

Nov. 12, Fund Raiser. No information was given to the Vestry.

iii. Stewardship

No report.

iv. Finance

Rough draft of the budget for 2012 was distributed, to be discussed at next Vestry Meeting.

(A Sunday will be proposed for Stewardship Sunday. Arrangements will be made for letters to go out to the congregation regarding their pledges).

v. Thrift Shop

No report

Matters arising


8. Other matters of concern to Vestry Members:

Bruce and Wayne met with Joe Cissio from the County, plans were reviewed. He was very helpful. Cost will be fifty five thousand dollars for the complete package. Will be presented to the Congregation shortly, asking each family to make a one-time donation in relationship to their income. Motion was made to present this proposal to the Congregation. (B. McLeod, O. Chavez. All in favour)

9. New business if any

A proposal for the Website was presented. Vestry voted to give the contract to ‘Keep it Simple PC’ to create the website for Holy Faith. (W. Griffin, O. Chavez, All in favour)

10.  Correspondence

11.  Date of next Vestry Meeting

October 20, 2011 at 7pm

12.  Closing Prayer

Closing prayer was said at 9:18pm by Fr. Bill